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Offering a wide assortment of eco-friendly cotton bags in all styles, colours, designs & shapes, Print Process bags have traversed a long way to success. This we achieve through a winning combination of competency, technology and state-of-the-art customer-centric systems and processes. The business of Print Process is streamlined around all major spheres of activities. This includes procurement of raw material, cutting, stitching, printing, inspection of the ready material and finally the despatch.

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Located in Chennai (Madras) - India, Print Process is in charge of offering a wide array of fashionable and promotional bags made of high quality cotton, canvas, velvet and many more other new material fabric.


Most fabrics used in production of bags are made of 100% cotton, Polyster and nylon fabric. Most of the fabrics are made to match the buyer's colour requirement. Sometimes buyers require a smaller quantity where we can use some standard stock colours and qualities and thereby offer the buyer a lower minimum per style and colour. Some buyers require use of special fabrics. In some cases we have been importing fabrics. Imports normally only take place when we cannot source the buyer's requirement locally as we may find more choices for finishing and coatings when fabrics are made overseas.


Upon receipt of the fabrics from the fabric mill our factory will inspect the fabrics for any possible defects before production. When the order is scheduled for production the fabrics will be placed on the cutting table in layers. Markers made for each bag panel will be placed on top of the fabric pile and a handheld or fixed electric saw then cuts the fabrics.


Decoration of bags - being embroidery or printing - will take place before the bags reach the sewing lines. It is necessary for the fabric panels to lie flat on the embroidery machine or the printing table, which cannot be achieved if the bag is fully constructed. For embroidery we use new Tajima embroidery machines and printing we use machine from Germany, Walz, Automatic Printing Machines and Semi Automatic from India and also table printing.


Our factories use a range of quality sewing machines. The printed or embroidered panels will be passed to the sewing lines where they are being stitched together with other fabric panels, zippers, handles, badges and strips of Velcro into a fully constructed bag.


When the bags leave the sewing lines they will go to the assembling section where the remaining accessories will be mounted. If the bag requires a plate bottom it will be mounted here together with studs, if any. Other accessories such as hooks and snaps will be put on the bags here before they are passed to the quality control section.

Quality Control:

The bags are passed to the finishing section where the loose sewing threads will be cut off and the quality control section will inspect the finished products. Upon completion the bags will be transferred to the packing section.Though our factory has its own quality control section we have established an independent Quality Control Facility that performs a number of QC-checks in the beginning of the production as well as intermediate and final control. Our quality control standards are high and we meet the quality levels required by European, American, Australian and Japanese buyers


We normally pack according to our buyers' requirement and as such use no standard cartons. Most bags in Poly Bags and then bulk into strong 7-ply export cartons guaranteeing a safe transport to destination. As an option the polybags can be printed at extra costs, please inquire. We do not recommend shipping cartons that are too heavy - normal carton gross weights should be 10-20 kilos.